“The Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland uses geothermal power to send a beam through the universe. That beam represents love of each other and of mother earth. It’s an absolutely pure message!
Brian Keane’s message about clean energy is as important, and it must travel as far.
Love and Peace, Yoko Ono Lennon

“Green is good — And Keane is green!”
—George Stephanopoulos

“If ‘Greed is good’ is a catchphrase for unbridled capitalism, then ‘Green is good’ should be its flipside: There are amazing economic opportunities for those who act with environmental responsibility. Brian F. Keane educates us that green is not only the color of a healthy planet, it is also the color of money.”
—Michael Douglas

“Keane proves it’s possible to still teach an old dog new tricks. This book is for those who know they can do more to go green but don’t know where to start. A must-read for every generation.”
—Ed Asner

“Brian Keane’s practical, idea-filled book takes ‘living green’ from a good idea to a reality.”
—Douglas I. Foy, Former Secretary, Massachusetts Office of Commonwealth Development; Former President, Conservation Law Foundation

“Green Is Good is a critical book for our age. Environmental degradation is the most important strategic challenge we face, but, unless people understand the issues and the opportunities at a personal level, we can’t achieve the cultural shift necessary to create major change. Brian Keane expertly does this.”
—R. Seetharaman, CEO of Doha Bank

“Keane expertly tells the clean energy story with humor and anecdotes likely to capture readers who want to learn more about energy efficiency and renewables, but have found few credible, consumer-friendly vehicles that teach them. I’ve never before seen solar power compared to Tony Bennett: not a rock star, like say, micro-hydropower, but ‘older, more reliable and almost certain to give a top notch performance every time.’”
—Elisa Wood, Real Energy Writers

“Keane is exactly right that there are countless opportunities to implement clean energy effectively. Through insightful examples drawn from his experience, Keane makes the powerful case that crisp communication and compelling marketing are critical for the industry’s success.”
—Alex Laskey, President & Founder, Opower

“A no-nonsense and easy-to-read approach to going green. Keane shows how to leverage the power of community to have the most cost-effective green programs.”
—Gary Simon, Former Senior Vice President, Northeast Utilities